Sports and activities in Sithonia

If you're looking for holidays with action, visitsithonia.com has compiled the most popular sports and activities organized in Sithonia that will keep you in shape. Whether you're a loner, a couple, a group or a family, you will certainly find the one that meets your needs. So, share the news and spread the fun! Watersports. In Sithonia you can experience exciting underwater world challenges. The choices are endless: scuba diving, paddling, exploring the beautiful rock formations, swimming, snorkeling or lying on the beach and enjoying the sun. You can participate in organized water sports such as banana, ringos, canoes, waterskiing, catamaran and windsurfing. The most popular locations for visitors who love watersports are Sarti, Neos Marmaras and Nikiti. Their long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters are simply perfect. Hiking. If you are the “grand adventure” type, hiking in mount Itamos is the ideal activity for you. There are sixteen walking trails in Sithonia for beginners, intermediate and advanced hikers. The locals can provide you with guides and maps. This is an excellent activity for nature lovers, who will have the opportunity to walk among the pine forests, feel the clean crisp air filling their lungs and admire the breath-taking scenery. Horse riding. You can practice on horse riding in Sithonia and take a tour with other riders into the mountains or by the sea. Either way, the overwhelming scenery will fascinate you! Mule riding on the mountains of Sithonia is a truly unique option. Get to know inaccessible places that tourists do not usually visit. Discover hidden corners of Sithonia and admire the beguiling nature. You will be enchanted by the beauty and pureness of Greek nature. It certainly is an experience that will remain unforgettable. With the signature of visitsithonia.com. Because holiday is one of life's great pleasures.