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I'm in Mykonos, and I'm looking for an atmospheric restaurant with creative Greek cuisine. I want to book a hotel with a private beach in Rhodes that my children will love. I am looking for an authentic taverna in Santorini to eat fresh fish by the sea. I am making plans for a romantic city break in Athens and want to see the Acropolis from my bed. I want to go on holiday to Corfu, but I want to take my dog with me. I'm on the road in the Peloponnese, and I am looking for a good taverna with local dishes a few kilometers from where I am ... What do I do?Alpha Guide”, the only Greek guide that, for fifteen years now, evaluates and rates more than 3,000 hotels and restaurants throughout Greece by the standards of renowned international rating guides, has the answers to these and many more questions that anyone who is planning a holiday or a  weekend across Greece may have. What is Alpha Guide Alpha Guide is the only Greek vacation guide that reports, comments and evaluates more than 3,000 hotels and restaurants throughout Greece, answering every traveller’s essential questions: “where should I stay?” and “where should I eat?” It applies the standards of renowned international rating guides Alpha Guide’s editorial team consists of hotel and food critics, and specialized travel editors who rate applying the same criteria as the leading international evaluation guides. Rating and evaluating over 3,000 hotels and restaurants throughout Greece    Alpha Guide’s editors visit restaurants and tavernas all over Greece: from a little taverna in a remote village to the most famous and trendy restaurants. They take an “insider’s” look at thousands of hotels across Greece: from family and budget-friendly lodgings to mansions to luxury resorts. Continuous updating Alpha Guide’s editors travel throughout Greece all year round to evaluate, rate and record anything new. At the same time, they check the existing recommendations again, updating them online. User friendly Specially designed for use both from a desktop computer and a mobile phone, it is easy to use and offers you access to information wherever you are. Thanks to its smart search filters, the user can choose hotels and restaurants which meet different criteria each time; for example: kind of cuisine, atmosphere, specialized facilities, price, distance from where you are, etc. Guaranteed by “athinorama” “Alpha Guide” is created by the “athinorama” brand that publishes the leading city guide of Athens in electronic and printed form, and electronic and printed special editions on travelling, gastronomy and wine. Athinorama has broken fresh ground in travel reporting for decades, dealing with travels from a lifestyle point of view and focusing on the provision reliable know-how. Through its English version, “Alpha Guide” wants to make the best Greece has to offer - which it knows firsthand – available to the foreign visitor, providing evaluated information that goes beyond the mere recording that takes place massively on the web. http://www.alpha-guide.gr/