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Wedding Place: Santorini

Santorini and especially Oia is one of the most popular wedding destinations not only in Greece but worldwide. Why so many couples from all over the world choose Santorini for their destination wedding? What makes this location so popular? The answer is simple… Santorini is not just an Island, its something more than this… Is an experience. It’s a place that makes you siting quietly and just enjoying the vastness… Its a combination of great view and architectural simplicity that releases the landscape beauty come through your eyes, through your lenses and finally through your heart. I had been chosen from Rebadcha & Ryan many months before to make their pre wedding photoshoot. “We love the mood in your pictures, there is a clear personal view in your wedding photography, its not like the classicalwedding photos. Rebadcha & Ryan comes from China and when we first talk, they were arranging their vacations for 2015 and their wedding photographer as well. Actually Santorini it was my suggestion for their photoshoot from the brief they send me about the photos they wanted to have. The wedding photography process in Oia Santorini As a portrait and wedding photographer in Greece I always try to have a personal touch in every photoshoot. In portrait photography season this is easier cause I am able to choose the location and time and make the appropriate set up to have the result that matches with my personal view and aesthetic. In wedding photography that’s not so easy cause my work depends from every couple’s arrangements and preferences. As a professional you have a given plan and a certain context to move through… In this pre wedding seasoneverything worked perfectly to combine couples chosen location with my personal view that I would like to have from Santorini! The weather was rainy and we started the photoshoot almost 2 hours after the arranged time under the cloudy sky. The mood was perfect to make a unique and more dramatic photoshoot… I used Not so shiny clear colors but a more a cinematic style like a scene selection from a movie. Even under the unusual weather difficulties like low temperature, raining and a lot of wind, the hard work, the couple’s patience gave us a result that we all we wanted to have. Big thanks to Rebadcha & Ryan for your trust, accommodation and patience. I wish you the best to you guys for your future… article by