Kokkini Porta Rossa: a boutique new entry in Rhodes

An old knight’s house with a long history in the Medieval City of Rhodes was recently converted into the boutique guesthouse “Kokkini Porta Rossa” (www.kokkiniporta.com). It is the first building that you meet as you enter the Old Town from the Gate of Agios Ioannis. The building was constructed by an Agha of the island in the 16th century, in the place of an old knight’s house, on the ground floor of which the chapel of Agios Ioannis is located since 1475. Following the thread of the building’s history, the owners’ couple turned it into a boutique hotel. It was restored with care and respect for the past and looks ready to tell the stories of Gülbin, Katina, Deniz, Irini and Orhan, five people who once lived here and now give their names to the guesthouse’s suites, which share two floors. None is like the other, but in all of them the medieval atmosphere coexists with modern decorative elements and quality equipment. Weather permitting, you can enjoy your handmade breakfast in the lovely inner courtyard. Emphasis is placed on personalised service.