Event: Portraits of Lady Gaga by Robert Wilson

Housed in a neoclassical building in the picturesque pedestrian street of Thissio, “Bernier/Eliades” (11, Eptahalkou Str., 210/3413936), a historic gallery of contemporary art, presents from 9/3 the videos-portraits of the famous pop star that were shot in October 2013 in London by the top avant-garde director and writer Robert Wilson. They had their premiere in November of the same year in the Louvre Museum as part of an exhibition titled “Living Rooms”. An opportunity for a free art walk combined with sightseeing (Thissio, Keramikos) and with the popular cafés of Apostolou Pavlou street, the traditional tavernas of Eptahalkou street, such as “To Steki tou Ilia” (2103458052) or more creative restaurants with stunning views, such as Kuzina (www.kuzina.gr/).