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5 hotels for Easter in Corfu

As it is most likely that you identify the big island in the Ionian Sea with dives in crystal clear waters and unforgettable summers, you may not know that Easter in Corfu is one of the most unique and popular in Greece, as Orthodox Christian and Venetian traditions coexist, under the sounds of dozens of bands and choruses. The highlight is the throwing of terracotta pots – the so-called “botides” – from the windows of the houses at the crowded “Spianada” square. To enjoy Easter in Corfu, you should make a timely reservation for a room in a hotel in the Old Town, where you will experience the true atmosphere of celebration without troubling yourselves with how to move about. The romantic-style “Siora Vittoria” (26610/36300, is housed in a restored mansion with a small but lovely garden, strategically located on the Town Hall Square. “Bella Venezia” (26610/46500,, whose core is a renovated neoclassical building behind “Spianada” Square, features a large garden with pergolas and public areas decorated with antiques. The spectacular view from the roof garden is what makes “Cavalieri” (26610/39336, a popular choice also for outside guests. The view from the rooms of the front side is equally delightful. “Arcadion” (26610/37670, is another boutique hotel on “Spianada” Square, with contemporary-style comfortable rooms that face either the “Liston” or the Old Town. If, again, you prefer the large, luxury hotels, the iconic “Corfu Palace” (26610/39485, is the island’s historic hotel in the bay of Garitsa, within walking distance from the Old Town.