One can still hear the singing Nymphs on the islet of Oinousses....

..... listen closely and you will also become hypnotised by their lullabies. Fassoli Beach….A secluded beach facing out on the Aegean Sea…. Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, just to name a few, are the "usual suspects" when one thinks holidaying in the Greek isles. But my favourite little rock in the Aegean Sea is a special place that remains undiscovered and definitely holds the accolade of "little gem" of the Greek islands. Oinousses boasts about some of the purest, cleanest and sacred waters surrounding its' hidden coves and picturesque bays. Located in the Northern Aegean Sea, Oinuousses is an idyllic little droplet of rocks with its' own rhythm and not one to be missed. Pristine turquoise waters gently massage its' sandy beaches, locals basking as the sun rays beam down from above, sun kissing their bodies, enhancing that radiant glow and each beach and cove has its' own name. Picture perfect! A sailing boat blends beautifully into the bay. A place without the abundance of tourists vying for a spot on one of the beaches, without huge ferries entering its' little harbor to offload the hordes of people wanting to immerse into its' highly valued lagoons. One might say a hidden haven in the Nymphs' undiscovered water oasis. The inherently Greek stylized houses, painted in hues of blues, pinks and whites, speckled over the island, nestled between deep green cypress trees, is a picture worth waiting for. The Monastery is the emblem of the island.....sitting proudly on the highest peak of the mountains, acting as a call for all religious and non-religious people to visit this place of sanctuary, and venture into its' hidden secret garden. The nuns will welcome you as if you were part of the islands' personal possessions. The houses welcome visitors by day and guide them by night. Oinoussian beaches in recent times however, have become something of a sensation, as people from the neighbouring island of Chios make the journey by boat to swim in their majestic waters. Often accompanied by bottlenose dolphins gliding in and out of the water, acting as sea guards sent by Poseidon. Ferries passing Oinousses at night have a view of what would appear to be a fairies playground as the little island shines brightly like a white jewel under the night stars and can even be spotted from Chios’ main port of Chora. Once on dry ground the island will take you back to a time warp, a time of authentic Greece and the true essence of Greek island life. With such an array of beautiful beaches to be discovered, it's no wonder the island only has two restaurants and one bar. Hire a small fishing boat for the day and sail around the tiny islet in search of secret bays and secluded sand spots with little or no interruption….. Organic living at its' finest! Discover the hidden coves dotted around the island. If feeling adventurous, grab your snorkel and dive deep into the crystal blue sea and seek out sea urchins… Lunch is served! Yet for all its' magic and awe inspiring qualities, Oinousses still remain the Aegean Sea's best kept secret and this is a secret the locals must surely keep close to their hearts... but if you listen closely you can still hear the singing Nymphs' sweet songs as you pass the intriguing shores. But shhhhhhh! The Nymphs are a Greek legend after all….

 Article by Costas Psarros

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