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Hot new mountain hotel: Haones Suites

Haones Hotel

Besides being the capital of Epirus, the lively and big city of Ioannina is a beautiful destination for a city break, which stretches around the ravishing lake Pamvotida and the imposing Castle, with maze-like alleys and major monuments of the Ottoman period. Another important sight is the Cave of Perama, which is found in the settlement with the same name, just 4 km. away from the city, and is one of the most beautiful in the whole country. Within a stone’s throw from the cave, the particularly tasteful guest house “Haones Suites” opened just a few months ago. Its 9 suites are allocated in three buildings entirely constructed from stone and stand out for their quality furniture, featuring patinated French pieces of furniture and comfortable, state-of-the-art bed systems that make up an elegant and luxurious whole. With “Haones Suite” as your base, you can explore the wider area of Ioannina and visit the important oracle of Dodoni, the picturesque Zagorochoria and the –famous for its cheeses– town of Metsovo.