«Tsiknopempti»: Feast on the best grilled chops in Athens

One of the most known customs of Carnival is that of Shrove Thursday. Ahead of the great religious fasting of Lent, the Shrove Thursday (this year on 12/2) is a day when, throughout Greece, the coals are red-hot and pieces of all kinds of meat are laid on grills, filling the air with a smell of grilling meat (tsikna), which gives its name to this special day "Tsiknopempti". The chops, lean and slightly crispy pieces of meat from the ribs of the animal (lamb, goat or pork), are the most typical dish of Shrove Thursday and also one of the all-time classic “specialties” that you can try in the Greek taverns. Here are the top 10 taverns for chops in Athens, as they were recently voted on-line by the readers of “athinorama”. Those of you, who find yourselves in the city at that time of the year and look for a rustic experience, should enjoy them. And don’t forget: chops are traditionally eaten by hand! 1) “Remoutsiko”, 120, Aghiou Dimitriou Str., Aghios Dimitrios, 2109704515 2) “To steki to Ilia”, 7, Thessalonikis Str., Thisio, 2103422407 3) “Kritikos”, 49, Eolou Str., Kantza (Pallini), 2106659061 4) “Christoforos”, 11, Michael Kalavrytinou Str., Kalyvia, 2299048266 5) “To Trigono”, 36, Athinon Str., Kalyvia, 2299048540 6) “Spanos”, 12, Aristidou Ikonomou Str., Patisia, 2108327381 7) “Pipinios”, 1, Peppa & March the 25th Str., Stamata Square, 2106216250 8) “To tzaki”, Irinis Square, Polydendri of Attica, 2295052319 9) “Aghios Merkourios ΙΙ”, 1st guardhouse of the Fire Brigade, Varybobi, 2108169617 10) “Mavros Gatos”, 4, Polemonos Str., Pangrati, 2107236903 Tip: number 2 is in the heart of the historical centre of Athens, while number 1, 6 and 10 are in more or less central areas. Don’t forget to make a reservation!