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When the Aristotelian thought and natural beauty meet history...

In the Mount Athos Area, in Chalkidiki, just 500 metres from the “seaside” village of Olympiada, visitors encounter a stunning natural, cultural, historical and culinary mix of landscapes and phenomena.The ridges of the lush Aristotelian Mountain, protected by the European Convention Natura 2000 carry thousands of trees of the Fagaceae family and 404 species of plants and herbs, the same that once helped Alexander the Great to recognize Asian flora. Its slopes are crossed by hundreds of hiking trails, which converge radially in the Aristotelian Walk, the most important hiking trail in Europe. This is where Aristotle used to meditate, philosophise and think, gradually composing his famous “Aristotelian thought”. Its coastal zone is defined by the existence of the Hellenistic city of Stagira, Aristotle's homeland, built high in the Liotopi peninsula of Olympiada, overlooking dozens of sandy beaches that alternate between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean sky. This walk is not just a simple trail, but a journey in time, history, culture, nature and an ideal natural environment. It covers 32 km of magical landscapes, alternating between mountain and sea, green and blue, hills and plains, land and sky. The Aristotelian Walk is not just another hiking trail. It is a lifetime experience. Come and experience it! For more information click here