Fishing in Greece

Greece is a popular holiday destination among history fanatics due to the country’s rich culture and amazing ancient ruins. It is also home to soft beaches, clear waters and delicious food, making it a prime location for fishing. Where in Greece? Greece’s coastline, at 13,676 km (8,498 mi), is the longest in the Mediterranean Basin and also has almost 3,000 surrounding islands, so it can be a quite a tough task to pick where to stand and catch some fish.   Out of all the inhabited islands, the island of Crete is largest and the most populated. With a coastline over 1,000km long, fishing is regularly seen all over the island, both recreationally and as a way to make a living. It is home to a diverse array of fish inhabiting the Aegean Sea around the coast, which makes it an ideal spot to get some great catches. Here are some of the fish that are regularly spotted around Crete and Greece in general. Fish of Crete and Greece   
  • Small red scorpion fish: this is a dangerous venomous scorpion fish commonly found in marine subtropical waters.
  • Flathead mullet: these can grow between 30 and 75cm. They are a very important species in the mullet family and can be found in coastal tropical and subtropical waters worldwide.
  • Boops Boops: a species of seabream, commonly referred to as Bogue, is native to the eastern Atlantic. They normally grow up to about 20 cm but some have grown up to 36cm!
  • Pearly Razorfish: the pearly razor fish is a species of wrasse and is a popular catch among serious game hunters. These fish are also popular in the
There are much more fish to be found around Greece and Crete. Have a look here for the full list. Malia Crete is still quite a large island with many different towns and provinces, which include Malia: one of the best fishing spots in Crete. Malia is a little coastal town located northeast corner of the Heraklion regional unit. It has many different fishing harbours and due to the ideal air pressure it’s possible to fish anytime of the year. Malia caters to fishermen of all levels: novice fisherman have a selection of fishing trips to choose from, which involve being taken out in groups by a trained fisherman and taught the ropes. If you feel you have the necessary experience to catch your own fish, simply rent a boat and get to it! Thalias Travel offer several different excursions all year round for beginners or people wanting a more relaxed fishing experience. Licensing Licensing laws in Crete are not too strict. You can fish from the harbour or on the beach without a permit, however if you’re thinking about going spearfishing then you’ll definitely need a license. All information about licensing regarding fishing in Greece can be found here. Accommodation Malia is a tourist hot spot and offers a variety of restaurants, bars clubs and beaches! The King Minos’ Palace has been attracting a lot of tourists lately, so if you’re interested in going, check out some of the hotel reviews before heading out!

 Article by Handson Mefsut