New Arrival: “Montanema Handmade Village”, a handmade “village” in Agrafa

One of the most talked-about and particular new arrivals in terms of mountain resorts, “Montanema Handmade Village” offers relaxation and absolute contact with the nature in a “retreat” hidden among the firs. A complex of thirty three stone-built lodges, which also features a restaurant, a coffee-bar and a gym, stretches out in the verdant gorge of Anthochori, very near to the magnificent Lake Plastiras in Thessaly, and is characterized by the cordial hospitality of its people. This small “village” was designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture and green building, and everything shows that it is not just another mountain hotel. The smells from the wood oven and the burning fireplace mingle gently with the sounds of running water, while particular activities will bring you close to the wonderful natural landscape. If, on the other hand, you wish to explore the wider region, the artificial Lake Plastiras, 4.5 km away, is an ideal destination for all seasons, crowned with many picturesque villages (Neochori has the best view) and offering numerous activities, while the magnificent Meteora will charm the lovers of nature and religion.

Article by Athinorama