Vintage charms...

Plaka, Athens

It was a rainy December evening in the country house when we found this collection of old stamps at the bottom drawer of a wooden study desk...

You find the best stuff at bottom drawers of study desks! Grandpa was an avid collector of stamps. Every time a letter arrived, stamp was cut and saved in a black stamp booklet that some neighbor had brought from Paris one Christmas eve. Most stamps date from 1960s and 1970s and show spots from the Greek islands. They all look like small paintings with time-faded colours. We easily recognize the beautiful sceneries although we can also recognize the effect of time and tourist growth on some of them. Here are our favorite pieces of this vintage Greek stamp collection.   Ios island

Limnos island

  Lagoon of Messolonghi


Milos island

  Minoan fresco

Paros island


Sifnos island

Skopelos island

Thassos island 

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