Halkidiki - The Greek Paradise

  Halkidiki is made up of three peninsulas, the first is Kassandra and it is a busy place that has plenty of nightlife. The second is Sithonia and is known as the place for couples who want a romantic break. The final peninsula is made up of Mount Athos and has over 2500 monks living there, showing that Halkidiki has a real variety of options for all kinds of travellers.

  Sithonia is the more popular of the peninsulas and one resort there is the Anthemus Sea. The resort is idyllic and is positioned on the east coast of the peninsula offering luxury and relaxation. 
  The people are friendly and the stunning golden beaches lead to the clear blue Aegean Sea. The sea offers easy bathing for those who enjoy a dip and the water remains fairly shallow for some distance, making it safe for people of all ages. Ideal for fun and serenity, this little haven of complete paradise sums up Halkidiki.
  For those travelling as a family there is a requirement to keep the children occupied and the Anthemus Sea can meet those demands. The resort is perfectly laid out and getting around the resort is simple, with paved walkways lined with beautiful flowers, the resort is also spotless and pristine. 
  With two large pools as well as the beach there is lots to do, but this resort is slightly different to the usual holiday, as it is a quieter place with more locals and far fewer tourists.
  Other activities on offer are boules on the beach and volleyball in the sea, but there is also a kids club and a small playground to keep the little ones entertained. There really is plenty to keep the children busy all day long. 

  Halkidiki is a little different to many other Greek destinations. It has plenty of greenery with the hills completely covered by olive trees, giving a real tropical feeling and getting there is fairly simple after landing in Thessaloniki airport. The place is well known for being a lot quieter than many of the other islands and this means there are less tourists as well as developments resulting in Halkidiki keeping much of its natural feel and appeal.
  There is plenty to do with many ancient shrines to visit or even heading off on a boat to find a little cove that is cut off from the rest of the world, or if golf is something you enjoy, then Halkidiki can cater for that also. The locals are friendly and despite there being less British Tourists, they all speak excellent English.
  During the summer months the weather can get extremely warm and it is normal for the locals and the European tourists to take an afternoon nap- this is the way of life in Halkidiki.
  For those who like their food Halkidiki is brilliant, an abundance of Olives and a never ending supply of sea fish. Sampling their Ouzo  is a must regardless of the time of day. Taking it easy is the order of the day, every day in fact, and the whole place is about relaxing and finding some peace.

Article by Peter Scully

Author Bio Peter Scully is a keen traveller writer and blogger for luxury tour operator Feel Good Holidays.