Santorini beaches

  Those who said that Santorini beaches were not pretty, need to review their concepts. Though I admit, after my trip to Corsica, I went there thinking I would not find anything special (beaches). However, I was happily surprised with crystal clear water and black sand beaches (yes, the sand is really black and it is so beautiful).

  Perivolos, Perissa and Kamari won my heart and are definitely on the list of unique things in the world – at least for me  Perivolos and Perissa are practically the same beach. One ends where the other one begins and together they are 7 km long. But what really makes them different to each other is the sand. Perissa has a very fine black sand and Perivolos has torpedo sand, which are little little little stones.

  Kamari is separated from Perissa and Perivolos by a little mountain. And its sand is almost only black stones. From all the beaches I saw in Santorini, Kamari is the one that I liked least, to be quite honest. Maybe because it was too crowded. Am I being anti-social?! I hope not! 

  Here is an important tip if you are staying in Perivolos or Perissa and you want to see Kamari : There is a taxi boat. It leaves from Perissa every 15 minutes – every day – and it costs 4 euros per person, one way trip. Just be careful with the time to come back, because they are not working until the late evening. It is faster than the bus, plus you have a good view from the sea. 

  And… If black sand beaches are not enough to send you to the Santorini coast there you got one more reason: A red beach, which as the name implies, has red sand and a red hill in the background. It is so beautiful, you can´t imagine! You go to the “Red Beach” by boat or on foot. If you decide to walk, you should wear sneakers, to go down this hill. Flip Flops could get you in trouble

 We visited the Red Beach on a semi private catamaran cruise. I’ll talk more about that in another post.

What is more, you will also find a white beach! It´s the only of its kind on the whole island! Access only by boat!

  So, I really like the Santorini beaches and I think it is a good option to those who want to have calm and relax holidays, but with a lot of charm and romance. At almost every beach you will find sun loungers (sometimes for free) and bars with sea food and refreshing drinks. You just need to lie down, relax and somebody will come to ask you if you need anything! The best month to visit Santorini is in my opinion September, because it is still hot, but cheaper and not so over crowded like in July or August.

I hope you liked this post pretty people! Stay tuned for the next posts, there a lot of other beautiful places in Santorini that I am crazy to show you.xxx

Article by Katia Farias, Go Hip Girl