Top 10 Reasons Why You can’t Avoid Athens Trip

  While in Athens, there are many things to do and many important sites to see. You will never miss some exciting places to see in this great ancient city.

The following are top 10 reasons why you cannot avoid a trip to Athens.

1) The Parthenon : When you care less about archeology, you may come to Athens and visit Parthenon. This is one of the ancient wonders of the world and a symbol of some of the top achievements of mankind. Millions throng Athens to have a glimpse of this spectacular building.

2) The National Archaeological Museum : 
This is some 45 minute walk from Syntagma and one of the greatest museums of the world. You are not going to find better collection of Greek jewelry, pottery and the Antikythera Device which is a 2000 year old computer that was found in the shipwreck off Antikythera Island. You are going to wonder how the ancient Greeks basically were. There are other numerous museums that you may visit in Athens. 

3) The Agora-Athens Central Market
 : Notwithstanding what you think about meat, vegetables and fish, you are not going to find a more lively location like Athena’s Street. A walk through this market is possibly going to alter how you feel about shopping. At any time of the day, the restaurants here are teeming with cheap meat. This market is also the beginning of Eolou Street and Athens Chinatown.

4) Mount Lycabettus : When you climb this mountain, you are going to see and amazing view. There’s great café and amphitheater where you are able to see some of the great actors who visit Greece during summer. Walking down is a lot of fun. And when you do have to climb, there’s a strange train which will take you nearly to the top. You can have a ride in this train.

5) The Plaka : A walk through this oldest Athens neighborhood is a must. This is one of the most pleasurable activities, specifically in the early evening. Several shops and workshops of great artists line the streets. You cannot miss some excellent restaurants. There’s also the famous Brettos distillery on Kydatheneon that also offers attractive sight.

6) The Agora : This spot provides some easy wandering. It has the perfect temple of Hephaestus which is a rebuilt colonnade that houses a museum and many other minor monuments. Many site combo tickets make this a specifically good bargain to mix a visit with the Acropolis among other close by sites.

7) Cape Sounion and Temple of Poseidon : A great trip from the heart of Athens in the afternoon; this is among those spots which is a favorite for both the tourists and locals, a favorite sunset viewing for many. Majority of tourists prefer taking organized tour or drive to this amazing place. 

8) Syntagma Square : Also called the “constitution Square”, in many ways this is the heart of Athens. It’s open, large square that normally hosts holiday events. It’s also home to several most famous hotels in Athens and an intense (public) transportation hub. It also has Parliament building along one side of it.

9) The National Garden : When you are looking for refuge from urban sprawl and Athens heat, you are going to love the remarkable National Garden, situated right behind Greek Parliament. It provides over 15 hectares of land you can explore at your own pace. There are ancient ruins you can also see at each turn.

10) Academy of Athens : This is the unofficial national academy of Greece and a tribute to Academy of Plato. It honors the tradition of philosophy, knowledge and study in Greece. The major Neoclassical complex which was built in late 19th century is among the central landmarks found in Greece. A great place to visit.  

Article by Maria Mcquire

Author-Bio: Am Maria Mcquire, an author by profession born and brought-up in UK. Am a writer and an avid blogger as well, I could pen down on any topic I come across.