Lover’s Guide to Lefkada & Kefalonia

  The Ionian Islands have so much to offer for a romantic getaway - crystal clear water, numerous beaches, breathtaking views, lovely tavernas and much more.
This guide consists of places where you and your loved one are going to enjoy when on a romantic vacation to Lefkada and Kefalonia.

1.  Watch the sunset in Kathisma :
To watch the way the sun shines down at the crystal clear water of Kathisma is a perfect way for a couple to spend a romantic evening. Just get a beach towel to sit on and enjoy the sound of the waves and the beautiful view as the sun goes down.

2.  Get some sun in Porto Katsiki :
Visiting Porto Katsiki is a must-do when in Lefkada. Before going down the steep stairs that lead to the beach, get a couple of Freddo Espressos to enjoy with your loved one. Swimming, tanning, and watching the yachts float about guarantee a perfect day.

3.  Relax on Egremni Beach :
The perfect place to get some privacy with your loved one. The beach has a very long shoreline, so it is very easy to find a place where you are not surrounded by other tourists. Just make sure you bring an umbrella, because the sun is very strong during the afternoon hours.

4. Have lunch in Fiskardo :
Numerous tavernas lined up by the sea that offer a nice view of the Fiskardo port. Enjoy a glass of ouzo with a Greek salad followed by some gavros.  

5. Enjoy the breathtaking top-view of Myrtos : 
When driving to Myrtos beach, make sure that you stop by and view one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches from the top. This spot is probably the most photographed location of the beach, so make sure you and your love take a picture from there!  

6. Take a swim in Myrtos Beach :
It is no question as to why Myrtos Beach is continuously voted as the most beautiful beach in Greece. The sea is not very calm, so expect a lot of waves that will make swimming very fun.

7.  Take a ferry to the surrounding Ionian Islands :
, Ithaca, Zakynthos… you choose. The Ionian Islands are very close to each other and are easily accessed by ferry. Going to one of Lefkada and Kefalonia’s neighboring islands is a great way to spend the day.

Article written by Preslava & Alexander

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