Images of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

  Some of their special characteristics are the hospitable inhabitants, the beautiful picturesque cities and their full of history and culture villages.

  Besides all these though, this part of Greece is a wealthy natural world full of alternatives and beautiful scenery. Virgin forests, wetlands full of life, beaches isolated from any sign of civilisation, rivers with impressive waterfalls, mesmerizing mountains...a  real paradise for nature lovers. This is the secret part of Greece and mainly the reason why two years ago, Giannis Gogos and Theophilos Gerondopoulos decided to start a project named "Kyklos".
  "Kyklos"(circle), is a short film promoting the unique natural wealth of north-eastern Greece; a twelve-minute trip through the four seasons of the year in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The main goal was to promote nature of this land in a different approach; contemporary, elegant and sensitive at the same time.
  From the very first minute, music producer Giannis Trifonopoulos stood by their side and agreed to compose the music for this attempt. The shootings of the film lasted for about a year and a half. They were quite demanding as the outcome of every location had to be the best possible. The team had to return at the same spot plenty of times just to get the right capture. They encountered bad weather conditions and travelled many kilometres to reach mountains and forests.

  Through this film, the viewer will get the chance to see many natural landscapes of North-eastern Greece, some of which are : Samothraki, mt Paggaio, mt Falacro, Fractos virgin forest, Dadia forest, Delta of river Evros, Vistonida lake, river Nestos.

For now enjoy a sneak peak and immerse yourselves in the magical world of nature.
KYKLOS [a short film about nature] TRAILER from Whitelight on Vimeo.

Text by Giannis Gogos and Theophilos Gerondopoulos