A sea full of Ithaces ...

  Even though, we all know by name most of the Greek Islands and in some we have travelled ourselves; in most of the cases we know them through photographs printed on a paper, or computer screens ……where is the difference, might someone ask. The difference is, the magical feeling you get, when you travel in reality to any Greek island, and not visit it through ... "teleportation". Even stranger, is that every traveler finds different images and sensations, that will make his mind wander, setting his eyes on his own, reflected by the sea, idol.

  Our team after countless trips, exploring the Greek seas and Islands, was confronted with the question: "Ithaca is one for all, or one for each of us?" Regardless what the answer might be: one or many; these, are located in every Greek island and port and we need to open sails towards them!

Article by PortBook.gr