Live your Bachelor Myth in Greece

  There's no doubt that Greece is one of the top summer wedding and honeymoon destinations in the world. Before you exchange vows this summer though, why don't you organize a Greek stag holiday for that special future groom?

  Breathtaking natural beauty, unforgettable destinations, warm people, marvelous cuisine and vibrant nightlife are all waiting for you in Greece. True to our Combadi philosophy of alternative travel experiences, here are some Greek stag party recommendations to get you started:

  Live the cowboy life  in an agrotourism ranch that's an exact replica of a Wild West town! You'll saddle up and embark on seven day horse riding adventure that will take you through Northern Greece's rugged landscapes!

  Sail through the beautiful Saronic Gulf, in a Greek sailing and fishing holiday! You'll cast your lines over the Aegean, visit beautiful beaches and swim through crystal clear waters. During the evenings, you'll also get the chance disembark on the Saronic Gulf islands and experience their nightlife.

  Have a blast in Mykonos, the island known for its azure waters, stunning beaches and internationally renowned party scene. Relax in a five star boutique spa hotel just meters from the island's largest beach. Enjoy a wide variety of water sports and a magical view of the Aegean.

  Get your fill of active mountain adventures in Karpenisi. Its pristine natural beauty and mild summer climate makes it the ideal place for mountain activities like mountain biking, trekking, river trekking, rafting, skiing, horse riding, canoe-kayaking, offroading and cave exploring!

  Go on a two-day Canyoning Initiation training course in the Pelion mountains. The course is certified by the ICTC/CAI and, by the end of the weekend, you won't simply have had the time of your life, but will have received your first ICOpro certification as well!

Check out COMBADI for more alternative stag weekends that are sure to make you come back different.