A quaint Greek mountainous village called Promiri, located in the southern part of Pelion is a perfect place for a couple to have a traditional romantic wedding.

  A Pelion village, located 55km from the city of Volos, is literally hidden in the luscious olive trees and beautifully maintains the authentic characteristics and calm atmosphere. It is truly a breathtaking place with natural beauty, traditional mansions, stone walled houses and cobblestone roads that lead you on a wonderful journey throughout the village. The view from this small piece of heaven on earth is…amazing. From the center of the village one can actually see the island of Skiathos.


  Just like every traditional wedding in Pelion, the bride is escorted from her parents’ home to the church by the entire village. Local musicians play Greek folk music and sing traditional wedding songs. As the bride heads towards the church, the village residents gather outside of their homes and wish her all the happiness and luck in the world. Everybody joins in the wedding celebration since they all feel proud to be part of this beautiful event in their own village. An unforgettable experience!

  The village of Promiri has a beautiful church with Pelion architecture, known as Koimiseos of Theotoko… an excellent choice for a wedding ceremony. It was built in 1767 on the foundations of an old temple and it has a magnificent selection of Saint Paintings. The lovely church is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and it is located on the outskirts of the village, overlooking the deep blue sea.   

  One of the great advantages of getting married in Promiri is that the location combines the picture perfect mountainous beauty and the crystal clear beaches that are near and easy to access. Promiri is considered to be a passage to reach the incredible beaches of Lyri, Katigiorgis and Mortias and has many hiking paths.

It is customary for a traditional wedding reception to take place in the town square. Family and friends celebrate with the newlyweds under the huge maple tree as they listen and dance to Greek music. A Pelion wedding tradition that continues to take place even until today and definitely creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

  The amazingly romantic video teaser by videographer Nikos Dimou gives you the opportunity to be one of the wedding guests and see for yourself what a beautiful traditional Pelion wedding is really like!
Admire the unique location of Promiri surround by beautiful forests, the nearby beach of Katigiorgis, the unique and truly authentic beauty of this part of mount Pelion…

Andreas and Areti - a Wedding in Pilion - Greece - The Clip from Nikos Dimou on Vimeo.

Article by Eleni Balkouli Love4Wed
Photography by George Pahountis