Why come to Greece to write your novel

  That novel - you've had it in you for as long as you can remember, or maybe the idea just happened to pop into your head last Wednesday when you got up at 2 a.m. for an unscheduled ice-cream high. Either way, you vowed to yourself that this year's vacation will be different - you're devoting your two week summer holiday to writing in Greece! Why?

  Sunshine and weather : The weatherman has it easy in Greece during the summer. From early June to late August, their duty is relegated to repeatedly pinning sun icons over Greek cities. For prospective authors, this means hours, days or even months worth of sunny writing backdrops that have been proven to boost energy and creativity. With the summer solstice providing up to 15 hours of sunlight in Greece, wherever you'll go this summer, all you need to bring is your thirst to write - and some sunscreen.

  Secluded : The introspection and reflection involved with writing a novel is immense and, try as you might, no local juice bar (complete with rainforest sounds) can make you forget the fact that it took you an hour and two noisy trains to get there. Greece is full of places to escape to; isolated mountain villages and quiet island communities, replete with rustic rooms encased in thick stone walls. Hunched over a sturdy 30's era writing desk for two weeks, you'll have a hard time losing focus.

Greek Cuisine and Greek Coffee : Greek food is meant to be savored - the same goes for Greek coffee, slow brewed in hovoli. That's why lunches and dinners in Greece are always rather long affairs, during which you can brainstorm ideas with yourself, or bring them out into the open for others to give their two drachmas-worth. We guarantee you that writing inspiration will never come from a 10 minute lunch of frozen fish fingers and coffee straight out of the capsule.

Writers Block : What if it all suddenly runs dry? Writers block at 3 a.m. in Greece doesn't mean the night is wasted - you might want to try out your character - or extricate yourself from him/her - in any number of bustling areas around Greece where people never really go to sleep. Other ways to kick start your writing or get over the writing block is to take part in an organized writing holiday or workshop. You can find them on some of the most beautiful Greek island. Experience each and every one of the benefits of writing in Greece, all in the company of like-minded people like you and with some expert help.

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