Luxury Sailing in Greece: Some Top Destinations

  The Greek islands are the ideal destination for a luxurious sailing holiday, providing beautiful natural landscapes and some of Europe's most unspoiled beaches. At the same time traditional and classical architectural landmarks are there to be explored, ancient wonders are around just about every corner and the islands’ cosmopolitan towns offer stylish nightlife to suit all tastes.

  The Saronic Gulf : The islands of the Saronic Gulf, though close to the capital Athens, offer historical treasures, unique architecture and a glamorous, yet romantic atmosphere, which is suitable for families and jet-setters alike.
  If you want to visit a Saronic island with a true jet set reputation (second only to Mykonos!) then Hydra is your destination of choice. The island is remarkable for its natural beauty and impressive stone mansions built by sea captains. Its port is ideal for pleasant strolls with amazing views and a refreshing swim off the rocks. Hydra offers many good nightlife options, and you are guaranteed a pleasant time in the restaurants, bars and cafes on the waterfront.
  Another popular Saronic Gulf Island is Spetses where nature lovers will enjoy the impressive glades of pine trees and fine beaches. Those who seek something more cosmopolitan will find numerous nightlife attractions in the old harbour.

The Cyclades The internationally famous Cyclades island chain offers visitors plenty of choices for memorable holidays.
  The top destination for those seeking glamorous and stylish holidays is -of course- the island of Mykonos, which combines beautiful beaches and traditional architecture with the glamorous aura of international celebrities hanging out on the trendy beach of Psarrou or partying all night in clubs and visiting the stylish restaurants in the picturesque town.
  Another highlight of the Cyclades is Santorini, a unique island not to be missed. Shaped by a huge volcanic explosion in the ancient times, Santorini offers breathtaking vistas of the setting sun and certainly does not lack for nightlife experiences in its many stylish restaurants and clubs. 

The Dodecanese islands : Visitors to the Dodecanese island complex will be spoiled for choice! Here is where breathtaking natural beauty is combined with some top luxury destinations, perfect for a private sailing adventure!
  First and foremost, Rhodes offers a stunning blend of tradition with an elegant aristocratic touch. Visitors will be mesmerized by the architecture, sandy beaches as well as the opportunities to enjoy activities (including golf!) and of course party till the break of dawn if that is your style.
  On the island of Patmos, visitors will be amazed by the medieval capital and the imposing monastery of Saint Ioannis and the Theologian Apocalypse cave, sites not to be missed!

The Ionian islands : The Ionian islands’ old historic ties with Italy are evident in the grandiose architecture of some of its capital towns.
  The characteristic Venetian style of Corfu town makes obvious to visitors that this island is going to offer them some memorable experiences.
  The golden beaches of Kefalonia are considered to be among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean (and quite possibly the world!). The village of Fiscardo is the most cosmopolitan place with a port that receives many yachts every summer and some renowned tavernas are ready to serve you a memorable Greek traditional lunch, often next to well known celebrities.
  If you happen to be in the Ionian region, don’t forget to visit Lefkada, appropriately nicknamed the “Caribbean of Greece” due to the exotic colour of its waters and its world renowned blue flag beaches.
  Some of the most important members of the international jet set have visited the nearby famous private island of Scorpio, which used to be owned by the Greek shipping tycoon Onassis.

The Sporades : The Sporades island chain is better known for its unspoiled natural beauty, but a great variety of enticing cultural moments also await its visitors.
  On Skiathos, you will have the pleasure of swimming in one of Greece’s most beautiful beaches, the Koukounaries. There are also plenty of attractions at the island’s capital town, which offers many opportunities for party and dancing. The intense nightlife will remind you of Mykonos... but with a distinctive twist all of its own.
  The idyllic landscapes of Skiathos (and nearby Skopelos) provided the setting for the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia”. Greece features five different main island groups to visit, each with their own distinct flavour, history and scenery to enjoy.

The best way to visit the islands in luxury? A private sailing holiday with your own luxury yacht or catamaran is the perfect solution!

Article by: Istion Luxury Yachts