Top 5 Places To Visit In Greece

  The ancient republic of Greece was known by its erstwhile name Hellas in ancient times. Greece is considered to be the country of origin of all the western civilization, democracy, and all western philosophy, literature, performing arts and mathematical principles. 
  Greece is also the birthplace for the Olympic Games and has a culture and history like no other country in the world. It is known to be the home to the world’s first advanced civilization and was the birthplace of the greatest of kingdoms of the ancient world.
  Today Greece is a developed country and is characterized by the people’s high standard of living. It is one of the major tourist destinations in the world and is literally the place where the idea of cultural exchange originated. Here are the top 5 places you must visit in Greece to get the best of its ancient culture and history.

 1.   Athens
  The Capital of Greece and also the largest city, Athens is also one of the oldest cities in the world. The historical significance of this city goes back to a time warping 3,400 years and the region has been continuously inhabited for the past 7000 years. The city we see today is a highly urbanized town and boasts of its ancient monuments and is visited by millions of visitors each year. The city’s various attractions like historical sites and monuments along with a vibrant culture and a welcoming climate has made it one of the top tourist places.

 2.   Santorini

  Formerly known by the name Thira or Thera, Santorini is a chain of islands in the south Aegean Sea. The city was an important town during the spread of civilization during the Bronze Age. The islands are a remnant of the volcanic caldera and the town is built in a unique architectural style that makes it a really amazing site to witness and also keeps the houses cool in summer and warm in winter. The special wines and the cuisine are totally worth enjoying and the relaxed lifestyle of the people will ensure a rejuvenating experience upon your visit.

3.   Zakynthos 

  The third largest of the Ionian Islands, Zakynthos is known for its clubs, bars and the various parties held here. The islands were said to have been inhabited since the Neolithic age and was mentioned in the Greek epics of Iliad and Odyssey. The city has a number of ancient and historical sites that are frequented by a huge number of tourists. The town is famous for its olives, currants, citrus fruits and grapes and most of the dishes are centered on these, used as ingredients. The Navagio Beach is one of the most pristine beaches you can ever witness with its white shores and crystal clear waters.

4.   Peloponnese  
  Ancient Peloponnese holds a significant place in Greece's history. It is considered as the birthplace of the Greek war of Independence and Greek politics has been dominated by the Peloponnesian people ever since. The Peloponnese was considered the heart of political and social affairs in Greece. The peninsula boasts a rich cultural heritage of monuments and sites. The culinary tradition of the Peloponnese is impressive and delicious.

5.   Rhodes

  The island of Rhodes is an ancient town mentioned in Greek Mythology and is a world heritage site. The island is characterized like most towns in Greece with mountains and shorelines. The island has been famous since the creation of the Colossus of Rhodes and the Citadel of Rhodes which is a world heritage site. Rhodes has been a blooming city from ancient times and the subsequent reign of the Romans and the Ottoman empires. The various monuments in the city attract a huge number of tourists every year and the architecture of the whole city is a marvel to behold.

  While it is a ‘Colossal’ task to compile a list of just 5 places in the ancient country of Greece, the aforementioned places hold special historical and cultural significance.

  Greece is a country that is a must visit for every person who wants to experience the place where the western civilization took its form.

By: Rohit Agarwal 

Rohit Agarwal has travelled to many places in the world. An architect by profession is keen to study the different architectural styles of differentcivilizations in the world.

He is also the owner of http://www.TransIndiaTravels.com and is a contributor for visitgreece.gr