Explore Crete on Zorba the Greek's 50th anniversary

  When someone says “Crete,” what's the first thing you think of? Zorba the Greek, right? For those of us who saw that classic 1964 movie – and zillions of us did – it's easy to conjure up scenes of Anthony Quinn belting down ouzo, smashing plates, doing a kind of Greek line dance and otherwise cavorting around the largest of the Greek islands.

  Peter Sommer, an expert in travel to Crete, says it's about time your images of Crete were updated. So he's pegging a new tour of the island to this year's 50th anniversary of the film's release called Explore Crete: Archaeology, Nature and Food. During the tour, visitors to the island will explore eye-popping historical sites as well as its ancient ruins, traditional villages and fabulous landscapes.

  They'll also get a hefty sampling of Crete's rich culinary traditions in what Sommer describes as “a seemingly endless string of tavernas and restaurants.” Escorting the tour will be archaeologist Heinrich Hall, editor of the Blue Guide to the Aegean Islands. Hall has spent well over a decade excavating, surveying, researching and traveling around Crete and is said to be “a passionate connoisseur not only of its archaeology, but also of its landscapes, people, traditions and products.”

By Bob Schulman

Source: Peter Sommer Travels