Golden Sunkiss - Fantasy Ionian Views

  Al Fresco Dining in the Heavens : In the southwest of the Greek paradise Ionian island of Lefkada (Lefkas, Leucada, Leucas, Λευκάδα) at a height of 600 meters you can visit Exanthia, a traditional village located on a mountainous region. Surrounded by forest and built amphitheatrically on the slope of the mountain, Exanthia combines the tranquility of the countryside with the kindness of its people, showing total respect to the visitor. 

  High up on the mountain top you find yourself in absolute harmony with the surroundings. The blue horizon offering an exquisite view of the Ionian Sea is really enticing to those who actually wish to drink their coffee, savour the homemade delicacies from the traditional wood- fired oven, the freshly gathered vegetables from the garden, taste the local meat and enjoy the wine.

  And finally, after this blend of tastes and smells you will be able to relax listening to nice music and let the eyes of your imagination "paint" the horizons of your heart in the hues of the azure sea and the setting sun!!! For the ultimate in Fantasy Golden Sunkiss Ionian Views, a visit to this hill top is a must when visiting the paradise island of Lefkada.

  Fantasy of Flight Paragliding on the island of Lefkada offers beautiful flights on this magical island, the most unique locations to experience the thrill of a lifetime... Flight! Easy introductory tandem flights for first time flyers are offered. No training is needed as their professional and well experienced pilots can take you on a paragliding-tandem flight leaving you free to enjoy the scenery of green mountains white sandy beaches and blue lagoon waters below. I f you've ever dreamt of flying....paragliding is for you.

  Flight from Exanthia (Rachi): take off elevation at 600 metres, with an excellent view and a beautiful sunset off the "back" to compensate with a charming and quiet flight with either single or two-seater glider with a landing on the famous 'Kathisma' beach. An experience worth the living

by Naomi Jane Adams  

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