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Imposing Greece

GREECE, is the land of Light and a country that you need to visit at least once in your life time!

  Come to the birthplace of the Olympians: Zeus, Athena, Aphrodite but also the Atlanteans, of Heroes like Achilles, Theseus and Leonidas of Sparta.

  Come to the land where gods fell in love with mortals and gave birth to demigods like Hercules and Beautiful Helen.

  Come to the nature where Dionisus danced with the Nymphs, to the sea ruled by Poseidon and his Niriads.

  Come to the country of the Muses, the poets like Homer and Sappho, the wise men like Thales and Solon, the mathematics of Pythagoras, the medicine of Hippocrates, the philosophy of Aristotle, and so many others who created the base of our civilization!

  Come to walk among our ancient theaters and listen to your voice reaching from the stage up to the highest frieze, without a microphone!

  Come to listen to Homer’s language, since you, yourselves, use quite a few of its words (such as theater, drama, poetry, music, synthesis, analysis, idea, economy, thesaurus, ecumenical, axiom, methods, episode, enthusiasm, dialogue, organization, idea, energy, strategy, politics, democracy, love, kiss!).

  It’s not by chance that the English language of 490.000 words, has borrowed up to 41.615 words from the Greek language. And know that: “The language isn’ t just a means of communication. It has the soul of the people, their history and kindness”. As the nobelist Greek poet, Odysseus Elitis, sais.

  Come to meet the country of Heroes, of the 300 Spartans who defended Thermopylae, or those who defended Marathon, while defining the future of all the West. Meet the homeland of Alexander the Great, as well as the city of Athens, birthplace of democracy.

  Come to walk in ancient Olympia, to run in the courtyard where the first Olympic games winners ran! Walk among the land that all those people walked and feel their presence!

  Come to visit the castles of Mystras or Monemvasia, to visit the cities of the Byzantine Emperors, reminding you of the fall of Istanbul. That fall which was the reason for the West to exit the middle-ages and enter the Renaissance! Because all the literature found refuge there, because the books that they saved from the fires of the conquerors were put in western libraries, offering the West all the knowledge it needed.

   Come to meet the country that is the most beautiful Museum in this planet, the country that was hurt by its conquerors and scorned for her treasures, which were stolen from it and are now displayed in the greatest Museums of the world.

  Come to meet the country that was reborn so many times from its ashes, without ever losing its civilization, its history, its language or its mores…

  Come and swim in the seas of the Pelasgians and Odysseus, with your children and your friends, to see that Greece is light, that it’s the smiling dolphins that will follow you, the white houses of its 6.000 islands, a warm smile and an even warmer welcome.

  It’s the myths of the waves… and maybe you will meet Princess Gorgon, sister of Alexander the Great, who roams the seas with her golden chest guard holding a shield and the Macedonian spear, and she will ask: “Does King Alexander live?”. Then you should answer “YES HE DOES!” to make her happy!

  Come to have your vacation, to have fun the way only Greeks know, to get married and start your new life from the light of the brightest country in the world. We invite you to travel in time through the dream that is called GREECE!!! We invite you to travel in time through the dream that is called GREECE! Take her colors and draw your memories!

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