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Thessaloniki’s promenade

  Thessaloniki’s seaside promenade
is one of Greece’s most beautiful new public spaces, as well as a top place to immerge in the city’s lifestyle.

    Walking along its 5 km length, you may catch a glimpses of anything from laser boats and parkourists, to horse-drawn carriages and an old pirate ship. Musicians perform Bregovic’s Balkan tunes next to Alexander the Great’s bronze statue, while Chinese street merchants display their colorful umbrellas right along the homonymous art installation which has become one of Thessaloniki’s modern landmarks.

  Top places to visit with kids are the two new playgrounds. Equally exciting as climbing the red-rope pyramid is riding what my own children described as the “oil well” – a postmodern, vertical swing.

We are looking forward to the official inauguration of all 15 waterfront theme gardens this spring!

Text and photos by Isabella Zampetaki