Hellenic Language School “Alexander the Great”

The Hellenic Language School “Alexander the Great” was founded in Athens in 1972, having as an initial aim to teach the Greek language to foreigners. 

  Since 1995, the School is a department of the British-Hellenic College and offers Greek language lessons to foreigners of all levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and in particular programs, such as Greek for specific purposes (Business Greek, Scientific Greek), Ancient Greek, Teacher Training etc.

  In these programs are also included visits in museums and archaeological sites, lectures for the Greek history, music and literature, Greek dance lessons, Greek movies, walks and dinners to traditional Athenian corners etc.

 Since its first steps, the School has been involved in the development of educational material for the Greek language, in books and multimedia cds. The School participated and it still does in many Educational European Projects (“Travel to Greece”, “I sing in Greek”, “You speak Greek already”, “A passage from ancient to modern Greek”, “Pos matome Griko” etc.), with partners from Classical Lyceums, Universities and European Schools. The School has, also, branches in Thessaloniki and Chania (Crete) and it cooperates with the Vouno Village Appts, in the island of Chios.  

Text by Vicky Kavagia British Hellenic College Hellenic Language School "Alexander the Great"