Vision & Presentation of Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse

  We have the honor of welcoming you to our ancient olive grove and our beautiful herb fields which our family cultivates since the 1890's. The idea behind our agrotourism farm is to create a sustainable farming area in southern Greece with the use of biodynamic agriculture, which is as an alternative organic method of farming, similar to the homeopathic method used for human beings. 

  Eumelia Organic Agrotourism Farm & Guesthouse
is a multispace in the heartland of rural Laconia. The aim and wish is to establish a sustainable example of an ecotourism / agrotourim / education /culture space that receives, entertains and educates visitors as well as the local population on issues such as environment, environmental technology, organic farming methods, alternative health, sustainability, self-sustainability and progressive educational tools. 

  Our apartment hotel is located at the heart of our organic farm surrounded by perennial olive trees, fields of herbs, fruit and vegetable gardens. The farm is located about 2 km from the village of Gouves in a traditional farming area surrounded by the mountains Taygetos and Parnonas, and about 13 kilometers from the beautiful Laconic Gulf a scenic stretch of waterfront.

  Our cottages at the heart of the farm, as well as the other hotel facilities, use environmentally-friendly material and have been designed to utilize nature's forces. We attach great importance to recycling and we employ many different recycling methods: water is recycled and then used for farming purposes, whereas compost is created from all the organic material at the farm, as well as from the hotel facilities.    

  Furthermore, the buildings are heated and cooled with geothermal power, using heat pumps to minimize the use of petroleum or electricity. Our standard-setting natural waste management, based on the root system, will be the first of its kind in southern Greece. In the future, with the use of solar power, we hope to achieve one hundred percent self-sufficiency thereby creating an excellent example of sustainable development.

  We have designed the hotel with environmental friendly building material, ecological technology and we take great care to recycle. The hotel is a wonderful and serene retreat with many interesting activities for the visitors. There are many great walks around the farm area in the middle of a vibrant nature, mountain bikes with different trails. You can participate in the farm activities with us, picking olives, grapes, herbs, fruits and vegetables or you can relax and enjoy our hospitality.

  Our educational programs provide an important introduction to nature and our responsibility to her. During your stay our fruit and vegetable gardens will be the base for the nourishment providing you with a full spectrum of organic products covering all your needs.   

  We live in an interdependent world with a wide spectrum of challenges and Eumelia provides the enlightening and horizon opening tools through our cooperation with amazing teachers and experts as well as our own ability to accumulate and transfer our own experience.   

  Our holistic approach involves working with nature, understanding our interdependence, doing in the now and working for a better future. Our ability to act as a lighthouse abroad and create a dialogue with the amazing nature and historic precedence of the Greek landscape gives us an incredible opportunity to link the outside with the Laconic space and its people. 

  We welcome you to stay at our farm and invite you to visit us on your way to another destination to experience our sustainable farm and how it can influence your life. If you are an instructor or an artist and wish to hold seminars on different topics such as alternative medicine, yoga, tai chi, philosophy, photography and painting making your seminar an incredible experience.    

We hope to see you soon at Eumelia In ancient Greek Eumelia means melody, melodious language.