A rich but economic journey through alternative routes of Central Greece

  Holidays costing a lot or just economic? Mountain or sea? Archaeological sites or villages? These dilemmas are often being raised to prospective travelers when trying to plan a holiday in Greece.

  We therefore propose a smart journey that combines wandering in the mountains of Central Greece, visiting archaeological sites, stops in villages and tasting authentic seafood dishes in one of the most beautiful maritime cities of Greece. With hostels selected based on quality criteria and reasonable prices comparable to the philosophy of Guest Inn network.

  At the foot of Parnassos and just 17 km away from the ski centre and 165 km away from Athens the picturesque town of Amfiklia is located. We propose a stay in the Kiriaki Guest house there. You will enjoy a warm hospitality in a sophisticated environment and will have fun at the swimming pool that overlooks the village and the mountain tops. As you leave behind Amfiklia, you will continue your journey westwards. You will enjoy the rural landscape that stretches between the mountains of Parnassus and of Kallidromo and, after the village of Gravia, you will head south.

  After wandering through the olive groves, you will visit Amfissa, a small town known for its famous olives. The castle of Oria is worth a visit and so do the old quarters of the leather tanners. As you continue your journey to the south, we recommend the simple Chrisso Guest house for your stay that is located in the village. The affordable prices and the hospitality of the owners are the details that have made the hostel popular with travellers who seek to experience the "authentic Greece." From here, the archaeological site of Delphi is only 7 km away. After the tour of the famous oracle and of the Archaeological Museum, you will continue your journey to the south.

  You'll find the calm waters of the Gulf of Corinth at Itea and continue along the coastal route to Galaxidi, the beautiful maritime city with a rich history. The Maritime Museum which houses traditional models of sailing ships, old maps and navigation instruments is worth visiting. The taverns at the picturesque harbour offer fish and seafood dishes on little tables by the sea. For your accommodation, we recommend the Traditional Maistros Apartments located just outside of Galaxidi, in a large estate with magnificent sea views.

  From Galaxidi, through a beautiful coastal route to the west you will reach Antirio, where the impressive bridge will take you in a few minutes to the north side of the Peloponnese. The tour of the beautiful areas of Greece has no end... Guest Inn is the first Greek network of selected traditional rural accommodations.


The Guest Inn concept applies to travelers who are in search of unique holiday; to those who appreciate the natural countryside and its beautiful landscapes; and to those who are drawn to the adventure of discovering new places and people - away from “the madding crowds” of tourists.

For more information:  www.guestinn.com