The mountain of Pelion, trimmed with myths and legends lost over the centuries, stands at the east of the city of Volos. At the West of Pelion is located the bay of Pagassitikos while at the east lies the deep blue Aegean Sea. The area is dominated by dense fir forests interspersed with stony settlements, structured in total harmony with the nature.

  Pelion is one of the few tourist destinations that welcome visitors all year round. During the winter months, tourists are gathered around the ski resort. The most visitors choose to stay to Makrynitsa and Portaria, both located in a short distance from Volos. They are picturesque villages with narrow cobbled streets and stony squares and they are characterized by the impressive architecture of Pelion. Walk the narrow paths of Makrynitsa and admire the magnificent view from the square to the city of Volos and the Gulf. 

  Pelion is not just for winter . In the summer, the mountains are transformed into one of the most popular tourist destinations. Tourist traffic is transported to the coast, at the countless beaches of Pagassitikos and the Aegean Sea. The most popular settlement is the coastal village of Agios Ioannis with its impressive beaches formed on either side of. Pelion is ideal for water sports, hiking trails in the dense vegetation and nature tours. Visit the traditional village of Vizitsa, Zagora with its famous apples and Makrirachi with the impressive gardenias adorning the courtyards and the stairs of the houses. During your tour through the mountains of Pelion, definitely try the famous Spetsofai and offer the famous spoon-sweets in a wide range of tastes as a gift to family and friends.

Text by Pelion Tours