Rhodes, an island with thousands of nicknames

  Rhodes is a Greek Island with thousands nicknames! The Island of Roses, the Island of Sun, even the island of snakes and deers. But the most common of its nicknames is the Island of the Knights, thanks to its great Old Town!

  Rhodes, is the biggest island of Dodecanese and the capital of the comlex. It is full of sights and places to visit. Rhodes Airport is located in the northwest part of Rhodes and serves many low coast airlines companies. The east cost of the island is magnificent! The water is crystal and calm. The most beautiful beaches are: Tsampika, Faliraki, Kallithea, Kiotari and Prasonisi (located in the southest part of Rhodes).

  The sky is sunny for about 3 thousand hours every year and the summer last at least 4 months. There are many places near the city of Rhodes which you can visit. For example, a great beach is not far from the port, just under the biggest Casino of Rhodes.

  In Rhodes you can do whatever you wish! There are different kinds of beaches, sandy and rocky, for families and for parties. The nightlife is just great! The locals usually hang out at the bars and clubs of the Old city but you can find streets with bars all over the city!

  The Old Town
is an amazing medieval town with beautiful alleys and many souvenir shops. Although, it is an actual living town, the architecture maintains its medieval character. Explore its narrow streets and blend in with the locals! The island is full of unique and beautiful places, such as the traditional village of Lindos with its beautiful Acropolis. You may need to rent a car in order to visit them. Don't miss "The Valley of the Butterflies", "The Cross" in Filerimos Hill with its fantastic view and the small church of Virgin Mary Tsampika on the top of the mountain.

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