Adventure Travel – More than a casual trip!

  Sun, sea, islands. Perfect isn’t it? Well yes but it’s not just that! Greece luckily cannot be described by just these three words despite the fact that we seem to be trapped among them! Obviously we ought to go one step further. The information we gather from the international environment is enlightening and the tendency is lucid: It seems that the visitors got tired of just laying on sunbeds for hours and desire something more active. A bike ride crossing the marvelous landscapes of Mani, gastronomy lessons at the picturesque villages of Santorini even a simple promenade in Vikos Gorge not only make a trip more interesting but also give you the satisfaction that you really get to know the place you visit. All – inclusive is famous practice –that’s for sure- but there are also other ways of travel: the travel that allow you to “live” in the place you visit.

  Trips with themes and essence! Travelers should have the capability to get to know the inhabitants of the area they are visiting, find about their opinion concerning the modern reality as well the past, observe how they work, “scent” the nature of the place and get mixed up with the tradition. That is not a “folklore” choice. It’s the way that Grazytravel envisions, designs and executes travel packages for those who comprehend traveling as a lifetime adventure…  

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