Harbours, anchorages and selected restaurants in Kea – Vourkari

  Kea is the island closest to the tip of Attica. Located only 12 nautical miles east of Cape Sounion, the hilly and fertile island is a popular destination especially for Athenians. 80% of the tourists here come from Athens. It takes no time at all to get to this island in the Cyclades in a yacht or a fast speedboat. We are going to give you an overview of sheltered anchorages and good restaurants.

  Ormos Ag. Nikolaos : is a large bay in the north-west of the island and is made up of the two smaller bays of Ormos Leivadi in the south-west and Ormos Vourkari in the east.

  In Vourkari the harbour of the same name is very popular with sailors as it protects from the prevailing winds and there is less swell there compared to the ferry port in Korrisia. (Sailing)Yachts normally moor here bow-to as the rock-fill directly at the quay could damage (deep) rudder blades. To make the descent over the pulpit easier, some taverns and a small furniture dealer have built wooden steps. There is water and electricity at the jetty. The required pre-paid cards can be obtained at the supermarket where they also sell fresh bread in the mornings. There are a few restaurants and bars right on the street.

  The Aristos tavern is especially favoured for its excellent fish dishes. Kostas, the proprietor, very modestly refers to his restaurant as “world famous”. Each guest will have to decide for themselves in how far this is true. But it does not affect its popularity, especially among water sports enthusiasts. Many Greeks come to Vourkari at the weekend just to eat the fresh fish dishes at “Aristos”. The culinary offers in the harbour of Vourkari are not only limited to one fish tavern. Visitors who prefer meat should visit the “Vourkarion”. The meat comes from animals bred and slaughtered on the island. Most of them live wild in the mountains and valleys, which obviously benefits the taste.

  Should any visitors not have been able to get one of the popular berths at the quay, then they can anchor in the bay. In the off-peak season it is possible to moor with the bow anchor swinging freely on the hook without a shore line when there are only a few yachts in the bay. However, the water is deep and the seabed does not provide a good hold everywhere. It is better to moor stern-to opposite the harbour. There are a number of fixing points in the rock for the land lines. If mooring here, then it is worth visiting Istrofi tou Mimi. Guests sit right on the beach with their feet in the sand and can observe the incoming yachts as they manoeuvre, very romantic.

Text provided by: mySea