Discover your destination through a “dopios” eyes

  Travelers now have the chance to live their destination like a local, discover spots off the beaten path and experience activities that will offer them lifetime memories of their trip! Authentic, alternative traveling for passionate and curious travelers offered by locals who love to show the real side of their place! Through dopios travelers have the chance to choose their destination, find the local that best suits their travel style and personality and book the experience that will create another beautiful travel story. Locals, offer personalized and tailor made activities that can find their perfect match in similar types of travelers. An arts & culture lover can find alike locals to curate his/ her tours, similarly a party animal can track the night owls of the community and bar hop along with them at the hottest spots in town, an outdoorsy traveler can get in touch with nature lovers and locals who love outdoor activities and know by heart, the secrets!

  Major Greek cities and smaller ones, world wide famous islands and picturesque ones, are awaiting travelers to discover their real character through experiences offered by people who know the secrets and the highlights of each destination, the locals. Travelers, can track the local that best suits their personality and seek either for tailor made advice, unique activities that can turn their trip into a lifetime experience, as well as personalized trip planning. An arts and history lover may take an oriental tour with Nicolas, in Athens and enjoy corners of the city. An outdoorsie type of travelers may select a yoga sailing trip in the island of Paros along with Stella, can hike the gorge of Samaria in Chania, Crete along with Maria, or even hike the famous Caldera, in Santorini with Ilias. Sylvia, can offer delicious experiences related to culinary tours in the beautiful island of Corfu, to lovers of local gastronomies.

  The community is also open to give personalized and tailored advice based on each type of traveler in various destinations around Greece, as well as international ones. Are you looking for the best veggie place open after 2am in Athens? You got it! Are you in search of the best highlights of your destination? Ask a local! Whether it comes to frequent questions related to your trip, or more specialized ones, locals are at your service through the travel platform of dopios.

  The travel community, started from Greeks living in San Francisco, but has now moved back to Athens. Alexandros Trimis, founder of dopios, highlights: “In times of crisis you can find a number of benefits such as good talent, cheap operational expenses, and a strong desire from the public to see something positive happening.”

Text provided by: www.dopios.com