Sailing in Lefkada, Greece

If you have never experienced the joys of sailing, then this is the ideal opportunity for you. Lefkada is an island off the Western coast of Greece that offers great holiday experiences and sailing opportunities. 

  According to many past visitors, sailing is one of the best ways to explore this island paradise. It allows you to anchor on any of the bays or beautiful beaches around the island and also explore the many Greek fishing harbors. As exciting as it is to visit these beaches and bays, the fun and most exciting part is sailing there. The feel of the wind in your face as you use it to harness the sails is an eco-friendly and natural way to experience nature. There are a number of options you can select from when it comes to exploring the Lefkada Island by sailboat.

Bareboat Sailing Boat Carter :
With this option, you get to hire a boat and skipper it yourself, either with friends or family. This is ideal for the experienced sailor as it allows you the independence and freedom you aspire for during your holiday period. You can experience the Lefkada Island as well as the neighboring islands of the Ionian Sea at your own pace and schedule. Any back-up support will be offered on request.

Skippered Charter :
This is the ideal option for those with little or no sailing experience. It allows you and your group or family a chance to relax and explore the Ionian Sea in the capable hands of an experienced skipper who knows the waters well. If you are interested, the skipper can take you through the basics of sailing allowing you to walk away a sailor. It is the perfect way for family and friends to get together and enjoy the blissful waters of the Ionian Sea.
Flotilla Sailing :
This is a tour of the island or surrounding islands done by following an experienced lead crew giving you a chance to visit some of the best beaches and bays with a lead crew that is on hand to help you moor your sailboat at the different destinations you visit. This gives you an opportunity to interact with other sailors and meet new travelers, each with their own rented sailboat following the lead boat skippered by experienced crew members.

Take this opportunity and travel to Lefkada where you can experience the Ionian Sea by renting a boat.
Yacht Charter in Lefkada: Sunny Sailing

By Michael Dimitriou