Skyros: you will love it!

  Skyros is the southernmost island of Northern Sporades and is located east of Evia. It lies about 24 miles from Kymi, Evia, from where the ferry boat Achilleas has itineraries daily. It is the largest island of the Sporades and its area reaches 210 square kilometers. The island is characterized by strong contrasts as it features hills with pine trees, rocky mountainous landscapes, idyllic secluded beaches, beautiful bays, extensive beaches, sea caves and the place Natura at the south of the island, a natural terrain which is full of variations. 

  With its long history, Skyros has always been a place that has preserved its tradition and authenticity. The visitors will admire the local architecture, the ornamental woodwork and the ceramics of Byzantine origin. What is more, you will be impressed with the unique decor of the white, stuck next to each other, houses of the island’s town. The island is also well known for the Skyrian horses which you don't find anywhere else in the world and it’s portrayed in the metope of Parthenon. If you love nature you will find unique plants like the black tulip and the wild orchid as well as the infrequent mayropetriti falcon. The agricultural products of Skyros are unique because people still use the traditional production methods. Cheese, honey, herbs, meat, fish and seafood are the raw materials that are used in Skyrian kitchen which will impress you with its quality.

  The combination of mountain and sea allows practicing many sports such as hiking in beautiful nature paths, climbing, cycling, wind surfing, water skiing, diving, while it is ideal for off-road routes with motorbikes or 4x4 vehicles. Depending on the season you visit the island you will see popular traditional aspects as the numerous festivals, the Skyrian traditional wedding, etc. You can enjoy the view of the Aegean from the square of the Eternal poetry, where the statue of the English poet Robert Brook is. You can also visit museums, archaeological and folklore (Manos and Anastasia Faltaits), the Skyros House and the report of Skyrian sculpture George Lambros. A prehistoric fortified town is found in Palamari and there is an ancient quarry in Pouria. Skyros has some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. There are crystal clear waters, caves, beautiful scenery, sandy beaches with pebbles or pearly so you will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy the beaches of Skyros during your vacation.

  Accommodation is excellent and affordable for everybody, ranging from rooms to hotels. One of the best hotels is Nefeli, at the entrance of the old town of Skyros. It comprises five buildings, all decorated in its own peculiar style. This 4-star hotel combines impeccable service in a friendly atmosphere with discreet luxury. The transportation is easy and reasonable. The ferry boat Achilleas takes you to the port of Skyros in one and half hour from Kimi and there are air connections with Aegean Airlines from and to Athens and also from Thesaloniki by SkyExpress three times a week.

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