Greece is undoubtedly one of the most preferred destinations for those who love beaches, the sun, soft sand and vivid landscapes. In fact, a lot of families visit the country on a regular basis, claiming that every trip to Greece leaves them wishing for more. And is it any wonder? Who can resist cool breeze that ruffles your hair, the tantalising aroma of fresh grilled fish and the rich taste of authentic Greek Red Wine? Travel enthusiasts bear witness to the magnetism of this beautiful Mediterranean destination, and the natives can’t fathom a life without Greece.

If you have set your mind on holidaying in Greece this season, here are some spots you should definitely include in your itinerary:

* The island of Skiathos: Greece is defined by sandy beaches and blue-green seas. Skiathos is a small island holding 65 beaches, so make it a point to track all of them. You can brush up on some Greek history, since this island has witnessed centuries of kings and battles. The churches will provide some lovely sight-seeing as well. 

* Crete: The largest island in Greece is definitely worth 3-4 days of your travel period. Explore the beaches leisurely, you will simply fall in love with the numerous blue-domed churches which are so characteristic of Greece. We strongly recommend you try scuba diving in Crete, as this island offers a variety of diving opportunities- cave diving, night diving and deep diving.

* Archaeological sites: It would almost be a crime not to experience a bit of Greek history, which actually spans 5000 years. The Acropolis of Athens is a classic Greek monument that represents the native culture beautifully. Other notable archaeological sites are Delphi, ancient Olympia, Epidaurus and Akrotiri.

* Greek Museums: The country is literally a hub of art and culture, preserved inside magnificent museums. Visit the National Archaeological Museum in Athens- home to prehistoric artefacts, including vast a Mycenaean collection and Kouros statues. The Acropolis Museum is a haven for art lovers with its display of Archaic and Classical sculptures. * No holiday is complete without tasting the native dishes, and Greek cuisine is simply too eclectic to overlook. Meat, seafood and vegetables are made delightful by cheeses, exotic spices and herbs. As a tourist, you would require to have documents such as visa, identification and passport. Every country has a set of rules when it comes to foreign visitors.

Text by Stella Kristin