Wonderful Locations In Greece To Visit

  Greece is rich in history and culture. It is known not only for its mythologies and ancient civilizations, but also for its wonderful tourist locations. This country has beautiful beaches on its Mediterranean coastline which is also studded with islands and awesome mountain views. The very culture and lifestyle of the people here is worth exploring and leaves you memories that can be cherished for a long time. It attracts over 17.5 million tourists each year.

Here is list of some famous tourist spots in Greece.

Santorini: is an island known for its spectacular sunsets, great views and houses that are all white-washed. This place is on a volcano that is still active. It is one among the group of Greek islands called the Cyclades. You cannot afford to miss the Fira, the capital city of this island which has structures and culture that are a mixture of Cycladic and Venetian architectures. Its streets are made of cobblestone and are always buzzing with life because of the hotels, shops, cafes and taverns with some of them located even at the edges of cliffs which are at a height of 400 meters above the sea level. 

Athens: is the capital city of Greece and is one of the oldest city in the world with its history recorded from around three thousand four hundred years. It stands as an evidence of the ancient Greek philosophies and arts. It houses 148 theatres for performing arts which no other city in the world has. These are often glorified by world-class performers. Athens also has many open air cinemas which give you a unique experience of watching movies while savoring the fresh air. The city has fine transportation facilities which were improved during in 2004 when the Summer Olympic Games were hosted here. Apart from these, Athens is a hub of archaeology and houses some of the greatest museums in the world like the National Archaeological Museum, the New Acropolis Museum and the Museum of Cycladic Art. Also, the visit to this city is incomplete without viewing the Parthenon.

Mykonos: is a cosmopolitan island that stands alone as one of the top tourist destinations in Greece due to its scenic beauty. A town located here called Chora is known for its stunning housing structures that reflect the Cycladic culture. The place is also a home for sandy beaches and vibrant night life owing to its huge number of night clubs.

Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia:  is famous for the hues that the ocean has here. The different shades of blue and turquoise perfectly sync with the white sand filled with pebbles of marble stone. It has steep mountains on the coast line from the top of which you can have breath taking views. Voted as the best beach in Greece for 12 times, it has very rare beauty that you cannot forget for a long time. 

Delphi: The Delphi theatre is next to an ancient oracle located in the town of Delphi. Built on a hill, it is very ancient and can accommodate 5000 people at once. It is one of the important sites of the Greek religion and speaks a lot about the architectural skills of the ancient Greeks. The tourists can have a view of the sanctuary and the beautiful landscape below from here. Greece is a great place to visit especially in the summer where you can escape from the heat by relaxing in the cool beaches. A visit to this country also satisfies your hunger if you are a history lover. So, do not hesitate to apply for passport today and plan for a trip to this great country.

Text by: Ellen Nicola