Why families should sail to Pythagorion

  Mooring in Samos’s pretty harbour of Pythagorion is a must for anyone sailing the Aegean Sea. Whilst you may appreciate some of the less touristy spots, Pythagorion with its painted boats and harbour side eateries can not fail to charm.

  It’s no surprise that Pythagorion is the most popular tourist spot on the island. Amongst the typical souvenir shops and mock pillars are the gorgeous things that happen naturally in Greece – the sky white and blue houses, the bougainvillea tumbling down walls and the scruffy picture postcard worthy cats. For us the real appeal of Pythagorion lies in its (small) size and layout making it a great place for young children.

Here are 5 reasons we like it so much:

Very little traffic : Coming from London it’s not often that you feel that you can let your kids run free. Cars and bikes do drive along the sea front but they are few and importantly they drive slowly. You see lots of local kids cycling and you can hire a 3-seater bike with a canopy and join in the fun. There’s a smallish playground at the end of the beach which is visible both from the beach and harbour.  

Safe beaches : The beach isn’t huge and it’s mostly stony but there’s enough to require sun beds (free in low season) and to keep the kids happy. The water is clear so you can easily see underfoot, however, it’s best to wear sea shoes as there are some sea urchins and to keep an eye out for jelly fish.

Plenty to do : If you’re not a beach bum there’s plenty else to do. There is a museum (4 EURO for adults) full of archaeological finds dating back to the Neolithic Period (5th/4th millennium BC). Our kids found it fascinating to watch the archaeologists at work. There are plenty of other sites of archaeological interest and the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani and the Tunnel of Eupalinos (a 4000ft long Aquaduct Tunnel).

Easy access to the rest of the island : There’s a bus service to Samos Town – a large working Port. You can take the same bus to supermarket Lidl to stock up on supplies.

Places to eat and drink on your doorstep : If you’re moored at the harbour the choice of restaurants and bars is abundant. We enjoyed a meal at Ambrosia. The Veal in Red Wine was tasty. Pizza was large enough for the kids to share and we enjoyed the local wine. A meal for 5 (3 adults and 2 kids) was around 50 EURO. The only downside to being so close to the action is that the action doesn’t stop when you do. Make sure you remember to pack some earplugs!

Michelle Hannell is currently sailing with her family on their yacht Jade. She also blogs at www.mummyratesit.co.uk