Morfi Village in Crete: A unique settlement in a unique Country

  In the old village of Exopoli, you can find the crown jewel of Apokoronas, the newly developed settlement, MORFI Village. Due to high quality of life in Apokoronas, many western Europeans and Greeks decided to buy a house and live permanently in many of the small quaint villages. Due to that “migration” many houses and villas were developed in the area.       


  MORFI, a high quality development company decided to create a project which would go far beyond the ordinary. A settlement harmonically combined with the Cretan nature, which stretches like a renaissance painting from every window and yard. The finest craftsmen carved the stones of the pathways where visitors and owners have their afternoon strolls in an enchanting and captivating environment.


  In the heart of the settlement the visitors can find a luxury pool and have a swim or coffee and enjoy the tranquility while taking in the amazing views of the stunning landscapes and the turquoise waters at Georgioupolis beach.  



  Morfi Village is a gated community ensuring the safety and privacy of its inhabitants. However every homeowner loves to stroll around the narrow streets of Exopolis, the neighboring village. The peaceful and traditional village reflects the ideals of Crete. Here you can find the true spirit of Cretan hospitality in the friendly villagers, who will happily share their own Cretan family dishes such as traditional pies and a shot of tsikoudia, a homemade drink produced by grapes, with their neighbors and visitors.                

  Thymari the Settlement’s restaurant is located on site where you can sample the finest cuisine all sourced from the local area. While you enjoy a meal on the terrace you can experience breath taking sunsets with amazing colours that dance in the sky above the sublime scenery. When you stand at the edge of Thymari, you feel the cool breeze caressing you like you are on board a large cruise ship sailing on the Cretan countryside, surrounded not by waves but with green trees, grandiose mountains and majestic valleys.


  MORFI Village is unique not only for the beauty of its surroundings or the quality of the houses but for the services. Every homeowner or visitor can count on the settlement’s warm and welcoming staff for every need. Morfi Village takes care of your transportation, grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry and most important it has a doctor on call service. That is where our philosophy stands, The Real Luxury is Services. And we are happy to say that the inhabitants of the settlement are member of the big, caring family of MORFI.

  Crete offers a good, peaceful life. Morfi Village gives you the extra luxury and quality to enjoy it!