The Top 5 Things to Do in Lefkada Other Than Swim

  Lefkada is known for its awe-inspiring beaches, some of which are considered amongst the best in the world. However, if you decide to visit Lefkada when it isn’t summer and it’s rainy or too cold to swim, or you just want to do some activities other than swim, these are the top things to do: 

5. Agia Kyriaki Church : This beautiful little church is located across Nidri Harbour and can be reached by small boat or by car and then a short walk along the Geni (or Yeni) Peninsula. The church has awesome views of the harbour and of Nidri. The grave of the German archaeologist, Wilhelm Dorpfeld, is at Agia Kyriaki. Wilhelm Dorpfeld believed that Lefkada was Homer's Ithaca and that there are ruins of a prehistoric city in Vlicho Bay (near Nidri), where he also believed was Odysseus’ Palace.

4. The castle of Agia Mavra : Agia Mavra is the former name of Lefkada given by the Venetians, meaning Saint Black in English. The castle is located near the entrance of the island and was built in the 14th century to protect the old town (the capital of the island) from pirates and other enemies. The castle has undergone extensive renovations and has been very well preserved. There is a church situated inside the fortress of the castle.  

3. The Dimosari Waterfalls : It is a wonderful hike on a paved footpath through a lush green forest. During the months of June, July, and August the waterfalls have much less water due to little rainfall, but tourists continue to visit as they enjoy taking a refreshing swim in the crystal clear and aqua blue pools formed by the water cascading off the mountain. It’s a great place to cool off from the heat or simply enjoy nature. The Dimosari Waterfalls are located near Nidri.

2. The ancient stone houses above Eglouvi : Eglouvi, a mountain village located 5 km south of Karya, has an ancient settlement situated 3 km above it. These stone houses were said to be remnants of the end of the Stone Age (New Stone Era or Neolithic Age) and were rebuilt again years later. They were originally built as storage for agricultural products and housing for farmers and are still used for these purposes today. These stone houses are unique to Lefkada as they are not known to exist anywhere else in the world. For many people, they are a clear indication that Lefkada is Homer’s Ithaca.  

1. The lighthouse : It is located on Cape Lefkatas, also called Kavos tis Kyras. There, you can also check out the ancient ruins of the Temple of Apollo. The road to the lighthouse has breathtaking views of the sea, as well as at the lighthouse. Even more stunning views can be seen if you go during sunset. The road to the lighthouse has been fixed in the last few years and is now paved so it is no longer difficult to get there.

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