Kythnos: so beautiful, so close

  Kythnos Island, at a stone ’s throw from Athens (less than 2 hours distance by boat) is the perfect oasis to escape from the metropolitan’s noise and anxiety. Prestine unspoiled natural scenery with typical Cycladic houses and beautiful calm beaches to discover and interact with Mother Nature.

  Although nowadays it doesn’t have as many inhabitants as it used to, it has a rich history from the ancient times as back as the 10th century BC. Many archeological remnants have been discovered such as the ancient temple of Artemis (8th century BC) but the majority remains undiscovered yet, though there is an archeological team exploring the ancient port since 2005 and they continue their valuable work until today.

  The warmhearted residents of Kythnos welcome the tourists and they are eager to give them the best flavours of the island’s history over the centuries, traditional recipes such as Sfugata, a type of cheese, “croquete”, with traditional ‘’Trima cheese’’, as well as handmade pies like ‘’Kolopia’’ (spinach pie) etc, honey that is considered one of the best worldwide, wine, and a taste of the splendid beaches like Kolona, which is a unique beach that splits the sea into two beaches creating a marvelous natural sand in between , uniting Kythnos with the little island of Ag.Loukas.

  Furthermore, all the beaches like Episkopi, Ag.Dimitrios, Flabouria etc have natural shadow that is provided by the almyrikia trees that grow up along the beaches becoming something like natural umbrellas. The real beauty of the island is that it never gets too crowded, but all who choose to visit the place have in common their desire to remain anonymous and simply enjoy nature.

  Even the mega yachts that parade often along the picturesque beaches, a significant number of which can only be reached by sea, remain modest and enjoy the best part of it without destroying anything of its surrounding, unlike other Greek cosmopolitan islands during summer.

  It is ideal for romantic weekends or family vacations or simply a relaxing yacht tour. It offers a variety of traditional restaurants along the ‘’Merihas’’ yalos, next to the port, where one can enjoy from a tasteful coffee to a rich traditional meal next to the sea…and in the evening there are plenty of choices ranging from quite lounge music to heavy Greek folk music in different areas of Kythnos, such as at Dryopida or Chora villages.

  No one will get disappointed from the island’s exploration activities, including visits to old churches like Panagia Kanala etc, visits to the famous natural thermal spas ’’Loutra’’ where the first king of Greece Othonas and his wife Amalia used to take their bath, and, last but not least, diving. As a matter of fact, there is a fully equipped diving center that allows exploring the corals and the sea life as well as observing pieces of ancient remnants in more than 30 positions of the island. It truly proves to be an ideal place for relaxation and absolute seduction by the blend of natural, historical and traditional beauty.

  There are choices of accommodation in rooms or villas to rent, depending on how luxurious or modest you want your vacation to be. For the true lovers of life, it is a ‘’Must’’ destination for sure!

Anastasia Kyritsi