Thessaloniki: top destination for 2013

  According to “National Geographic Society”, the city of Thessaloniki is among the top international destinations that the traveller should not miss in the year 2013. The famous magazine, which reaches more than 8 million readers worldwide, will soon release its annual travel guide for 2013, suggesting Thessalonikiamong the top destinations worldwide.

  The official announcement will take place next October, but it has been made known informally; on July 9 the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Yiannis Boutaris, informed the city council about it. Partners of the mayor reported that the selection by the National Geographic society magazine is the culmination of efforts to make Thessaloniki a city with an extrovert character, and reflects the different approach of the local authority towards commemorating the 100 years from the city’s liberation.

  Let us remind you that since 2010, leading newspapers and travel documents "discovered" Thessaloniki : in 2010, the leading travel guide «Lonely Planet» included the city in the top ten destinations in the world in terms of entertainment. In 2011, the annual publication of «Louis Vuitton City Guide - European Cities», included Thessaloniki in the "unexpected cities" because of the wine and culinary experience it offers.


  That same year, the newspaper «New York Times» included Thessaloniki " in the top 41 destinations to be visited in 2011". At the same time, the Australian newspaper «Sun Herald», added Thessaloniki at the proposed European travel destinations.

Note: The original article appeared in Greek on the www.thesout.gr site.
The same people provided its translation in English.