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Thassos, the emerald island...

  Thinking of visiting a Greek island this year? Thassos can meet even some of the most exquisite expectations about visiting a Greek island in the summer. Once you are in the ferry the mood changes completely. Thassos has places that are totally result of nature’s gracefulness, and someone can meet only there…Giola torture, is like the sea decided to make a special pool for those visiting, with the rocks shaped in steps so that upon your dip from the rocks you can climb and start again the game…

  Upon your visit to St Archangelos monastery, don’t be restricted to the trivial lighting a candle check the view and leave… take your sneakers with you and ask for the spring with the holy water… the view during descending these rocks will definitely be something to remember.

  Visit the turquoise waters of Thassos, by reaching Saint Athony’s Bay, Kefalas Bay, Virgin Mary’s Island or Seagull Island by boat, are some of the ideal places for snorkeling, while for the even more courageous with experience in scuba diving there is a place known as Volcano’s Tears, where the molten lava once cooled upon touching the sea. Actually hiring your own yacht can be really affordable, specially when in large groups. Tip: ask for a barbeque on board with local delicacies.

  We know Iliomare***** Hotel & Resort provides for sure, among others. Such as the great food in each of every Resort’s restaurant, where you can enjoy gourmet tastes, while I definitely recommend to visit for enjoying their famous cocktails in the beach bar with the white beds by the sea.
  A tour will introduce you to picturesque sceneries and the traditional architecture and way of living, but trying to walk through the paths that begin from villages such as Theologos , will for sure surprise you with the virgin nature, the waterfalls and the perennial plane trees. Interested in eco tourism? Mountain biking and trail running routes take place all year round in the island while you can address to the local sports community that arrange routes and races.

  I bet every woman imagines having a candle light dinner in the sand in exotic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Good news for you, either it is a private beach party , or a special dinner by the beach to ask your girl to marry you…. Just address to Novalis Terra experts in Thassos real estate, they provide a summer house in Greece as it should be. By introducing a total new way of living where, when you want to , and how you want to, they can do it for you…. they provide villas for rent as well. I m telling you, in case you fall in love with the place and you wish to have your house or villa in Greece they are your guy.

  Upon your departure from the island , don’t forget to buy some local products. Thassos local herbs, wine, oil, and honey, worthily represent the Mediterranean diet. Having exceptional nutritional value, these souvenirs will preserve the memories from your holidays, leaving a good taste in your mouth…..from your holidays in Greece.

Eleanna Papadimitriou Phd Environmental engineering Recently visiting Thassos Living in London