A trip to the cosmopolitan Mykonos!


  I will never forget the pleasure I got from choosing Mykonos as a vacation destination in 2011 once again over the last 5 years.The reward that blessed place gives me each time I visit it is unimaginable. It proves each time its talent to combine various aspects of life and reward you with magic moments and memories written to your heart forever. Whether an academic, an archeologist, a historian, an artist, a playboy, a single or a couple, gay or straight, a party animal or an intellectual soul, young or old, everybody will treasure the place each for their own purpose.

Mykonos/ Anastasia Kiritsi

  Mykonos is world known from the golden age of Hollywood 60’-70’-80’s,when famous stars like Paul Newman, Brigitte Bardot etc started to visit the picturesque little island of Mykonos and first appreciated its beauties and simplicity with the harmonious architectural design of white traditional houses overlooking the sea, its magnificent transparent waters and its warm hearted inhabitants. To set foot on a place with such a history thrills me.

  Mykonos’ position in the ancient times was significant thanks to Delos island, which was the first business capital, where we still see the remnants of the ancient civilization. Visitors go there by boat or yachts, as it is roughly 20 minutes away from Mykonos. The island attracts celebrities and worldwide jet setters that enjoy the splendid beaches of cosmopolitan Psarrou with luxury Nammos restaurant, but also quite beaches like Agrari, Agios Sostis, and Fokos where I enjoyed a horse riding by the rocks near the small river, admiring the wild scenery.

 Mykonos/ GNTO

Mykonos proves to be a star, in many fields.
  Great gourmet restaurants and amongst so different cuisines we chose to dine at the Cavotagoo's hotel restaurant by the pool, watching the splendid sunset. The night went on at Caprice bar, in Little Venice, with an apple martini and a lot of dancing to all new and old hits, watching people parading in front of the splashing water. But the night wouldn't finish so quick; we continued to Jackie O’ gay bar, that was so crowded because of the drag queen show. The night continued at Cavo Paradiso club where we had invitations for the vip area luckily, since no seats were available without guestlist as a famous dj was perorming that night. Needless to say we left the club around 9 in the morning and went directly to the Kalo Leivadi beach as if sleep was our enemy.

Mykonos/ Anastasia Kiritsi

  Late in the afternoon as soon as we woke up, we went for a fabulous freddo espresso coffee at Blu Blu cafe overlooking the Harbour and Mykonos town.

  In the evening we were invited at the summer cinema for the official presentation of the latest movie shot in Mykonos- many international movies were filmed there such as‘’The kings of Μykonos” of Peter Adrikidi, 2010 - where I had the opportunity to participate and have a memorable time with all my favourite actors such as Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Zeta Makrypoulia etc.

  After that a champagne party followed at Leto's hotel garden under the palm trees. What a wonderful experience!  

  After spending another month there finally by mid of October we left the island sailing on a Catamaran yacht heading to Athens accompanied by dolphins jumping happily under the clear sky and the crystal blue waters of autumn Aegean...

Anastasia Kiritsi