Photography Guide To Greece: Where To Go?

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Greece is famous for its mind-blowing views. We often see scenic landscapes on postcards and don't consider them real. But in fact, you can make fantastic pictures yourself. In this article, we'll name the best places to take Greece vacation pics. All you have to do is to grab your camera and go anywhere you want.
This country has all you need for incredibly diverse pictures. You can find beaches and mountains, ancient temples, and ultra-modern cities. This land of contrasts is made for photo sessions.

You've probably heard about the legendary Oracle who lived in this area long ago. Nowadays, this valley in the center of Greece is a great place to take outstanding photos. The combination of ancient ruins and lush greenery creates an incredible effect.
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If you like the city scenery, you can go to Lycabettus Hill. The height of 277 meters allows tourists and photographers to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city. You can make pictures in the daylight and at night. Just like any other big city, Athens never sleeps.

When we talk about Greek landscapes, we think about the sea, and Zakynthos is one of the most beautiful islands for Greece photography. Here you can picture crystal clear water, amazing beaches, and hills. Go to Navagio Beach to get a postcard view. The colors of this location are so fantastic that it's better to enhance travel photos to highlight the natural beauty.

Another signature of Greece is the mountains. If you want to picture high picks, visit Meteora. Here you can enjoy mountain climbing and make panoramic photos. Ancient monasteries give you a wonderful opportunity to get beautiful Greece travel photos. This region is for history lovers and tourists who like to explore ancient buildings.

Caldera of Santorini
There are many pretty places in Greece with beautiful landscapes, but you can't leave this country without photos of the caldera. In fact, it's a sleeping volcano, and the scenery of this place reminds another planet. It's hard to believe that this combination of volcanic rocks and the navy blue sea exists in reality.

In this article, we mentioned five places in Greece. They are different, and you can choose according to your preferences or visit them all and take pictures of all faces of this beautiful country. Obviously, you don't have to explore these destinations and can take photos in small villages and wide forests.
Greece is a unique place. Almost everywhere, you'll find something interesting to picture. Another interesting idea is a tour of famous archeological sites. This way you'll get photos of worldwide famous ancient ruins.

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