Blossom Peach Trees

Naousa lies in Northwestern Imathia, 22 kilometers north of Veroia and 90 kilometers west of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece's most populous city. The city is located on the eastern foothills of the Vermio Mountains, one of Greece's largest mountain ranges and it’s now the country's largest forest-owning municipality with orchards producing peaches, apples, cherries, and other fruits. The city is situated in ancient Imathia west of the ancient Macedonian town of Mieza and the site of ancient School of Aristotle. The area, according to Herodotus, was where the fertile Gardens of King Midas were situated. The blossoms of the famous peach trees that line the entire plain in central Macedonia transform the Greek region of Imathia into a beautiful quilt of fiery pink and brilliant green every spring. Every person on the planet has witnessed the magnificence of Japan's flowering cherry trees, which add such delicate beauty to the environment every spring. However, the massive carpets of pink blooms from peach orchards that transform Greece's Imathia region into a pink wonderland are equally as breathtaking and are one of the world's best hidden secrets.

‘’Color couldn’t exist without someone watching it’’
Eirini Kostelidou

The view, which is especially beautiful from the foothills of Mount Vermio, is on par with or better than any other springtime floral show anywhere on the planet. The Peachtree, in eastern traditions, is considered to be “the Tree of Life of the Earthly Paradise” providing people with life and joy. Peach blossoms symbolize spring, rebirth, and as result fertility. It also has inspired great painters such as Vincent Van Gogh. Motivated by the unique pink color of the fertile plain of Naoussa, a great team of farmers, children, dancers and carriers ,created an amazing video ,last March,to promote the unique phenomenon of Blooming Peach Trees and all the people who contribute to this spectacle, every year. The song Jerusalema was ideal, as it has united the whole world creating positive emotions, and has been described as the song of the pandemic.
Imathia's peaches are famous throughout Europe. They are one of Greece's most successful export items, and the agricultural business in the region employs thousands of people,trying and struggling every year to reach this unique taste of Greece everywhere.

Northern Greece's peach blooms ,bloom for around fifteen days, and the lovely event takes place between late February and mid-March. This March the phenomenon will take place between 15-30 March.
A concept by Eirini Kostelidou.