6 Fascinating And Accessible Caves In Greece

Greece is a paradise for the intrepid explorer with crystal blue waters lapping at the golden sands of sun-drenched islands. With an incredibly diverse landscape, the Greek countryside contains villas, olive groves as well as a few surprises. Incredible caves are dotted across the Greek landscape - and they’re surprisingly accessible.

1) Zakynthos Blue Caves

The mesmerising geological wonder of the blue caves of Zakynthos can be discovered along the coast of the island that goes by the same name. Water-washed over thousands of years, nature has slowly sculpted these shapes which can be enjoyed from the comfort of the boat or, if you fancy a closer look, by diving into the azure waters that surround the island.

2) Melissani Cave

This incredible cave is found on the island of Kefalonia and contains a beautiful blue lagoon, so you can row a boat under the towering cave walls for a closer look. The giant cave stretches for 3.5km and shimmering blue and green colours are thrown from the water to the cave’s walls. Melissani cave is an easy day trip and can be enjoyed from the gentle rocking of a rowing boat.

3) Kastelorizo Blue Cave

These wonderful caves are discovered on the island of Kastelorizo, found on the eastern stretches of Greek territory, and in fact just off the Turkish coast. Two cultures meet on this fascinating and tiny island, but these beautiful caves are the biggest draw for visiting tourists.

4) Cave of Ideon Andron

As the legendary birthplace of Zeus, the god-king in Greek mythology, these caves are a must see for any lover of the natural language or Greek history and culture. Found high on a Cretan mountain (but accessed by a well-marked trail) these caves are an ancient pilgrimage site and many archaeological wonders have been uncovered in the region.

5) Diros Caves

The Diros caves were home to cavemen in the Neolithic period and are now an incredible sight for the 21st century tourist to behold. Steeped in history, these caves offer a glimpse into the past and hold great cultural value as well as being a natural wonder. The complex cave system is littered with mirror pools and magnificent stalactites.

6) Alistrati Cave

One of the most magnificent caves in all of Greece, the Alistrati Cave is home to a host of stalactites and other natural wonders. The vast cave system has been revealed to cover over 25,000m2 providing a vast playground to be explored. This is one of the greatest attractions in Northern Greece and guided tours through the complex maze is an essential experience.

Exploring the Greek landscape will create memories for a lifetime and these hidden caves are especially fascinating. Greece has an ancient tradition of food, culture and politics and its geology stretches back even further, creating these incredible caves just waiting to be discovered. Take a Greek trip to explore the sun, the sand and the food, and find a few hidden treasures along the way.